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The Point of Sale module allows you to process quick cash and carry sales to either cash or account customers. This is the fastest way to sell parts over the counter and receive payment for goods. The POS module can integrate with your docket printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer and EFTPOS machine, providing a fast and efficient method of selling items.

The POS module is accessed as a separate module but is fully integrated into the AM-Win system for stock control and accounting. We purposely leave this a separate module for two main reasons. Firstly, many of our users run POS terminal on their front counter where the full AM-Win system is not required for anything other than POS sales. Secondly, having them as separate icons on the taskbar allows instant access to the POS module whilst performing other tasks. You may be in the middle of updating a job or creating a purchase order and can then instantly switch to the POS system to make a sale and then switch back to what you were doing.

Sales can be parked while making other sales or turned into customer orders to access a full customer backorder system.