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AM-Win first started in 1986 developing software for the Automotive industry and we believe we were the first company to create software specifically designed for automotive repair workshops. At AM-Win software we think that our software products are the most valuable asset a job based business will ever own.

AM-Win provides powerful software solutions for small to medium size enterprises, with a strong emphasis on service, repair and inventory based industries. AM-Win has a client base of over 3000 users throughout Australia, New Zealand and other areas in the Pacific Rim. Clients are from many industries where AM-Win have developed purpose built off the shelf software specifically for these industries.


In many cases AM-Win software has worked with suppliers to these industries so that our clients are able to access industry data to integrate with our software. In all cases where we provide software specifically for an industry or segment of an industry we have spent considerable time working with the leaders in that industry to ensure that our software works the way it should and contains industry specific features that are unique for the type of work involved.


If a business needs the ability for advanced job management, quoting, invoice management and full accounting functions integrated into one package then AM-Win is the products for you. AM-Win provides quick access to history of previous work performed, evaluates the productivity of your staff, provides the ability to create detailed quotations or invoices quickly, with little typing.

Full inventory management allows automatic reordering of stock via min/max levels, integration with a number of suppliers, service reminders when works is due, allocation of parts to jobs and a host of other features to help manage your business. Make stocktaking an easier and less painful process and manage the availability of stock for outstanding customer orders and jobs. Integrated iOS and Android applications for mobile job management and remote access allows you to work from anywhere.