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AM-Win allows you to manage equipment or wholegoods and Assets for the purchase or Equipment sales, hire and asset management. If you sell boats, bikes, forklifts, excavators, mining equipment or a host of other equipment AM-Win can manage the process for you.

AM-Win provides for full floorplan management, depreciation of assets, equipment repairs and servicing as well as the ability to hire these out or manage internal assets.

This item register records all of the relevant details of the equipment including specific data such as height, load centres, capacity, length, type and other fields specific to the equipment for your industry and allows for multiple equipment label names. This module fully caters for the sale, hire and charge out of equipment. It also provides for multiple attachments linking to equipment, which also includes its details. These assets and attachments can be tracked for income, expenses, service and maintenance, depreciation on both diminishing and straight line calculations and profitability based on life to date and individual hire contracts. These details can be generated for the asset and attachments individually or jointly.

Furthermore, the item register allows for full servicing schedules as well as service and breakdown history of the plant for its lifetime as well as the transfers of this history when the equipment is sold in the event that you continue to service the equipment for its new owner. For lease, hire purchase, outright purchase, consignment and floor plan features are available for the tracking of the operating expenses versus income of the equipment. Such income may be derived from rental, sale, chargeout fee and additional charges such as customer damage recovery and accessories/labour that may be hired with the plant.

There is a provision for insurance, delivery, pick-up, fuel and other charges that may accompany a hire agreement. Hire agreements can be based on permanent contract or casual hire and may be charged on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly rate or a specified contracted rate. The system then allows for up to six pictures to be attached to each item for sales and identification purposes.

Other functions such as changes in load ratings of the plant when certain attachments are added is also available. A full rental and hire history is available for the plant, including options such as allowing extended contract times, location and plant specific reporting and automatic downtime facilities when a plant is unavailable for a specific date range when it is damaged or otherwise not available for hire or sale for that period. Uniquely, the plant register takes on a different form depending on where it is accessed from.

For example, if the plant register is accessed from an accounting function, a sales function or from the hire module, information prominent to these functions are more readily available to the user.

A 99 level user password system controls many functions which are distinct between the accounting and hire sections of the item register. The item register then automatically links live to the general ledger for the processing of depreciation, other expense and income items. Another unique feature of the item register is that you can apply sale and rental kits attached to the plant. These kits may contain special offers such as free services with the sale of a specific equipment or an accessory pack or some other promotional offer which is automatically invoiced/provided to the customer when the plant is sold or hired.

The software includes a range of reports, a standard rental agreement, a delivery and de-hire checklist and also a regular inspection schedule with a checklist in the event that you regularly inspect plants on a long term contract for their condition and serviceability.

Sales of items can include trade-ins, deposits on sales, sales agreements, finance and floorplan management and reports on profitability of items. Items being sold can be booked into the workshop and the workshop can internally invoice the sales department so each area of your business can be correctly reported.