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The Mobile application has been developed to integrate with the AM-Win software program, enabling the ability to interact with customers, jobs and sales from an iPhone/iPad iOS device and also Android devices. The app can be run on either an Android, iPad or an iPhone depending on your requirements and the suitability of each device for your application.

The application allows you to book a vehicle into the workshop through the booking option. This allows you to take pictures and videos of the vehicle as it arrives to check for any pre-existing damage or to confirm details such as where things should be fitted. The images can be edited to draw circles where the antennae mount or lights should be fitted etc. You may also want to take before and after shots of the vehicle. Nots can also be made and sent to the sales person, manager or technician relating to the job. The customer can then sign to accept the job and your terms and conditions.

Once the vehicle is checked in, the technician can log onto the job to add parts, labour and other material as well as use the app as a time clocking device for weekly time tracking and record the hours for wages. Further pictures and videos can also be taken at this stage. The app also has the ability to produce parts sales where you can scan parts from the showroom or warehouse into the app and generate a customer sale. You can also attach images taken on the device to part numbers so they can be viewed against that item later. Parts can be added to a bucket list or shopping cart to be ordered and you can create both pick and pack lists for jobs. You can also use your mobile device to receive stock in and create barcode labels. The app can be used for both in the workshop as well as for onsite work with gps tracking, payment links and the ability to email invoices.