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Off the shelf software that's tailored for the Australian and New Zealand Power Equipment and Power Tool industries.

Integrates with industry parts and supplier parts lists. Integrates with Partsmart graphic parts lookup. Complete accounting and business management. Complete inventory control. Point of sale option available.

AM-Win Mower does your accounting for you when you complete and invoice. When you finalise the invoice it takes the money and puts the payment to your bank account or writes it to the debtor's ledger. Buy a part it puts it into stock on your system and records all of the transactions relating to the purchase. Click a button and see your GST liability as of today. Save thousands on accountancy fees when you hand a neat set of completed reports to your accountant.

AM-Win Mower controls your stock providing you with cost and sell prices and profitably reporting by stock line or by stock group. Stock on hand quantity is incremented automatically when you buy and decremented when you sell.

When it comes to warranty issues AM-Win Mower has got you covered - see any transactions for the year relating to a part number. Use your own part numbers and cross reference them to your supplier's part number. Never overstock a part again because AM-Win Mower provides accurate up-to-date turnover information on every stock line. If you sell over the counter AM-Win Mower has a point of sale module available. Fast accurate and easy to use the POS option makes over the counter transactions easy.


  • Interface for viewing and updating parts pricing from all major industry parts suppliers
  • Interface for viewing and updating parts and supercession lists of from all major parts suppliers
  • Interfaces to Part-smart, the industry standard, used by all major parts suppliers when it comes to electronic parts catalogues, electronic imaging and order processing
  • Keeps complete records of serialised part numbers for warranty purposes.
  • Tracks all workshop repairs by client, date, owner or serial number.
  • Prints job-cards, quotes and invoices that can all be recalled immediately when required.
  • Multi location for separate branches - includes access security for individuals and branches.
  • Marketing module provides service due reminders and exports business data to MS Excel
  • Point of sale available
  • Totally integrated with AM-Win - Australia's most powerful, user friendly service industry management, accounting and stock control software.

Workshop Management

AM-Win Mower is a workshop manager's dream. While you're taking the phone call check the workshop diary on your screen and book in a job in. If it's a new customer add both the customer and his item on the fly - if it's a regular, find him and his item in a second, Create a job card and add the work required. When the item arrives, complete the job card with parts, labour consumables and sundry items or call up a pre-prepared template with everything already listed.

When completed turn the job card into an invoice simply and easily. AM-Win Mower takes the parts out of stock, allocates labour hours to your technician [s], adds the job to the vehicle's history for instant recall if required at a later date and adds the outstanding amount to your customers bill. Take the payment by cash, card or cheque or leave it for payment at the end of the month. AM-Win Mower will automatically update all necessary accounting behind the scenes - seamlessly and right through to your BAS report and bank reconciliation.

Everything you'll need by way of reporting is included [dependant on version] as are enquiry screens that enable you see at a glance, every transaction that occurred between the time you booked the vehicle in to the time your client drove away.

Seamlessly integrated with AM-Win's client database AM-Win 4WD makes the perfect Customer Relationship Management System with essential items such as client notes, e-mail, SMS, and follow up reporting all quickly and easily accessible.


Businesses come in different sizes and so does AM-Win software. For example a small business may not want a full general ledger or automatic stock purchasing based on usage, but a medium to large enterprise might find them necessary for the day to day operation of the business. For this reason we provide AM-Win in three different levels so that you need only purchase the system that's right for you. Each level in the range is upgradeable to those above. If you grow and need further functionality AM-Win will grow with you - seamlessly as all data is interchangeable between levels.

Level 1

  • Our Basic System. Covers Job card creation with automatic numbering system that can be linked directly to your Purchase Order and when received will store your auto created GRN/Batch numbers and/or the suppliers GRN numbers if required. These are fully traceable and can also handle the individual numbers without having the stock item listed multiple times.
  • All jobs can be tracked by job number, client, serial number and many other options
  • Job card service notes can be saved and attached to the assembly and used to remind us at a later date.
  • Text notes can be stored in the system ( i.e.: Freight details, Trading Terms, Basic service info, etc)
  • Full Parts and Labour Service Kits can be created for each individual Make and Models and stored in the system so that typing is kept to a minimum and to remind us of what is to be done.
  • A Quote can be turned into a Job card and then into an Invoice without retyping anything.
  • Both quotes and Job cards can be cloned into another job item and/or owner for easy job creation.
  • A message is created on the purchase Invoice that links to the appropriate job card and client.
  • The same message is noted on the Job card/Invoice so that we can track the supplier via job card.
  • Basic reporting of all of the above and special reports relating to stores systems.
  • Full Job and Invoice History are available and traceable by Job/Invoice Number, Client or serial number..
  • Full Workshop Diary listing all Jobs in Progress and reports to suit that makes planning jobs easy.

Level 2

  • is all of Stores Level 1 plus full accounting system and reports to match.
  • Much more defined stock controls for with multiple pricing options available based on client info.
  • Full Supplier payments, Accounting Systems and more options in cheque entry and ledger controls.
  • More Invoicing features and the ability to hide information using special functions and controls.
  • Full stock and inventory control by the use of multipliers and preset % margins based on stock groups and subgroups and also the automatic re-pricing of stock by % based on List or cost prices.
  • Full Stocktaking creation and transfer ability and much more for fine tuning the stock system.
  • Parts and inventory can be linked by make and model so that parts lists are created as they are used. This then makes sure that the correct parts are ordered for the make and model of the assembly.
  • Full stock enquiry screen can display the item supplier and the assembly that utilised the part.
  • Full Bank deposit reconciliation, Statement and Payments records are also in the Level 2 system
  • Analyse your systems performance daily or monthly with advanced onscreen tools and functions.
  • Employee files with basic wages and pay slips and transfers these figures to the BAS report.

Level 3

  • is all of Stores Level 1 and level 2 above plus the following features
  • Full user defined discount Matrix so that client prices are calculated based on Group and Sub Group % plus discounted rates based on Qty purchased or discount given on top of Standard Price Matrix.
  • Floor plan/Consignment stock is a separate non asset Inventory database that can link to job system.
  • Manufacturing module is a special module that allows for the rebuild of inventory items and manufacture of new items in quantities of 1 or more. The multiple items used and labour are deducted and replaced by the new manufactured item and labour times adjusted for reporting.
  • Higher level Invoicing features such as Progressive Invoicing which allows multiple Invoices from one Job card and the ability to track all Invoices for one Job card and charge some to multiple clients.
  • Accounting fees can be charged by % or price based on overdue period and automatically assigned Customer
  • Batch Invoicing for the reprinting of a batch of Invoices for a period for a single client
  • Standing journals and batch Journals are used for setting the system to automatically deduct payments.
  • Labour allocating screen is available so that a designated user can update Job cards from timesheets.
  • Marketing module is for special report via extracts to CSV in MS Word mail merging and Excel.
  • General Ledger Export is to extract accounting information and import into MYOB and Handitax.
  • Font control module is to be able to preset standard fonts that are used in Quotes/Job cards/Invoices

Additional optional modules [Dependant on system levels.]

  • Rolling Stock Take module allows for the continuous stock taking of batch and is the best in town.
  • Asset Ledger System available for the full tracking of all company assets Inc equipment
  • Point of Sale Module for fast sales of parts. Bar-coding built in with special software.
  • Consignment Stock Module for the times when you send out parts and services on consignment to other workshops and need to track the control of sales and replacement of stock and invoicing of sales
  • Time Management Module Labour tracking that covers most workplace heath and safety requirements. Record employee start and finish times, time of arrival and time of work start.. Job start and completion times, break, start and finish times, and off the job times for parts pickup or cleaning work and when and if your time is used for personal reasons.